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The main activity of the Spartan Cross team is the cross-cycle strengthening training (SGT) and the preparation of Spartan and OCR type races.

Our way

Coach Chris Vorvis , certified SPARTAN SGX TRAINER is an athlete who loves cross training and obstacle course races (OCR) .

His vision was to create a team for those who enjoy that type of training.

With training methods that combine elements of strength, aerobic exercise and weight training. The emphasis is on self-improvement and is preferred by all those who want to get their body in shape and feel good in a short time while enjoying themselves. In Spartan Cross training, everyone trains together, which causes a small competitive fire and means that people tend to try a little harder – pushing for an extra repetition. The whole environment is friendly, but at the same time competitive. – is generally scalable, which means that you can give in to more appropriate movements or change weights so that everyone can gain the same challenging training experience, only in a way that is safe for them. Finally, we would like to point out another huge advantage of cycling with weight training, which is nothing more than a time saver. Especially for busy people, who have many obligations during the day, such a workout will loosen their hands, as in 30-50 minutes they may have completed their program.

“Finally, A TRAINING Culture Where Everyone is Welcome. Who is it for? Can anyone do it?”

Yes, everyone can do SGT cross-training with the proper guidance of a certified Spartan SGX trainer. Certainly the program that one will follow, depends on his level and the results he wants. However, you should know that cycling with weights is the best and most effective you can do.

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